Medication and Meditation are a Critical Part of My Recovery image
Greetings, from Mental Health Missionary. Before you move on to read the articles, one thing you should be aware of, if you are mentally ill and unable to get psychiatric care because you don't have health insurance, the Affordable Care Act offers 0 deductible, 0 cost doctor visit, 0 cost prescription, 0 copay insurance for you if you don't have much income. This insurance covers psychiatry, health, telemedicine, hospitals and medication at 0 cost.  

Medication is a critical part of my recovery. A CRITICAL part. I have to say I wouldn't be here without it. Loving doctors that took care of me when I was at wits end on what to DO about myself, were there for me and helped me to overcome voices that were rude, disgusting, intrusive, repetitive, annoying, disturbing and demeaning. OVERWHELMING. And here I am today, with them under control. Not yelling, not fighting, not talking to them, peaceful and serene, riding the waves like a surfer with my little Taco Cat. Some days I'm kinda Christian, some days I'm the crystal loving Goddess type, always pursuing the spiritual path, always wanting to be good and on a mission to help others the best way I can. I hope you find your own mission and remember, mean people suck.

I, Elaine, have affordable care act insurance.

(This green crystal symbolizes the heart chakra and the one I wear around my neck. )

Meditation is also a critical part of my recovery. I try to spend an hour a day meditating. Deeprak Chopra is my favorite. Sometimes it's an hour a week, and it's a guardian angel meditation or an Archangel Michael Meditation on YouTube, or even a sales meditation to get me going through the week. I close my eyes and practice listening and breathing. Listening to good quiet positivity filters out all the noisy garbage my mind feeds me throughout the week.