What to do on the Net & Stuff

When you cant hold a steady job, you're on SSI, or don't have people skills, facebook marketplace, your own website, or craigslist, even ebay, are hassle free places to sell your computer parts, your old books, your old cell phone, your old clothes, your writing, your time and sets of dinner plates you find in your neighborhood. 

A great job is easily found on indeed and there are many college programs for people with mental illnesses, grants.gov lists grants that are available for students and most just require a little writing. Be sure to get in with the office for students with disabilities to get a college education, and get a great job.

It is also possible to even get loan forgiveness if you aren't making the money from your college degree that you thought you would when you have a disability, and also due to the current administrations policies.

A little bit of information for the student on SSI - student loans are not counted as income on SSI so this is a way one can support themselves on SSI while they are looking for a career they can go into, perhaps a career in not for profit work or something they will work at part time. Since disability qualifies you if you have a condition that will last one year or longer, it is technically feasable for you to leave your disabled status and get SSI once again if your symptoms cannot be handled but it is difficult, as I have found out.