Rehabs and Psychiatric Wards

My resources for a rehab that involves your family closely are Hazelden, the meditation book publisher. You can all attend treatment online from home. So,,  tho they are pricey, they involve your family. A rehab that doesn't involve your family is Aloha Detox and Luminous aftercare, but their meals are catered and there is food around the clock.Resources about mental health in general, for example, indicate that to know a couple good hospital for schizophrenia, you would have found out from and there are so many resources about facilities, coping skills, family and friends, stigma, and general wonderful resources. Nami can get anyone connected with a psychiatric or dual diagnosis hospital, no matter what kind of insurance they have. 

Some rehabs have two roomies to a room, some rehabs have four, and some rehabs have tv's in each room and catered meals. Some are a medical detox, often the rehabs are dual diagnosis, meaning co-occuring mental disorders in addicts and alcoholics are treated at the rehab as well. Most rehabs will provide groups, often some kind of art therapy and talks about your health. Usually you can get medical attention and psychiatric care at a rehab, but no narcotics except suboxone if you are a heroin addict and there for heroin.

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