From 0 Steps to 12 Steps, whats your meeting style?

This site is meant to be expressions of my desire for recovery from mental illness, alcoholism, and addiction. I intend to fill this site with links that have been valuable to me along the way. Links to programs I finally found value in after years and years of coming and going to AA where you can do soul searching to find out the reasons you drank, if you should belong to every 12 step group, and Recovery International will tell you to treat your mental health like a business, and ask yourself, before you get angry, which is more important, their opinion or my mental health?  Emotions Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous are both good programs for people who don't handle those things properly or have too many/much of either, and Narcotics Anonymous is a good program for a lot of the people in AA and some people who used drugs, and remained occupied all the time with getting, using, and finding ways and means to get more. Nicotine Anonymous is a good recovery group for those who can't quit smoking or vaping without support from a group.

SOS Sobriety Secular Organizations for Sobriety is a secular non-religious approach to addiction recovery Life Ring Secular Recovery offers support with addiction recovery.

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