Protecting your Mind from Diseases

There's nothing more agonizing than thinking about disease. People's minds even go so far as to repress that they have a disease, or tell folks, hey- disease doesn't exist. 

For those of us that know we have a cough and can't stop thinking about it. .. or who we gave it to, or who we got it from, we know how crazy we can get. 

But imagine if you have to mix that with sexual activity? Having syphilis, aids, HPV, or herpes? For those of us that are a little bit mentally ill, its enough to make us break down to think about those possibilities.

Thats one of the most important reasons to wrap up and always use clean needles. Visit a doctor regularly and take care of your general health too - things like mammograms and colonoscopies. Going to the dentist before your cavity gets overwhelming is another life goal for some of us. Remembering to brush your teeth is a life goal for some of us.

Your local health department will always have condoms on hand for free if you want to make a new resolution not to risk infecting yourself with a stigma you can't handle and a risk of transmitting disease to those you love.

Remember that in any situation, abstinence is always an option. Its OK to say no.