How to Write A Resume

I am not giving my resume as an example of "the best resume," only as an example of two resume styles for two different positions.

Get together all the data you will need for your resume. You may need to stop and do some "brainstorming." If you want to list skills as well as your accomplishments, think about the skills your career requires of you and how many applications, talents, and experiences you have involving those skills. 

You'll want to list your skills or talents in one area. Using bullets is always nice and so is providing a heading for the section, as long as every other section will have a heading as well.

If you want to list your education, list all your educational courses you took, even if you didn't get college credit for them. In addition list certifications, either seperately or along with education. For example, certificates in CPR or food serving are an accomplishment often received in school and you can list them with your diplomas.

Your work history is the most important part. List dates as years and be sure to put an estimated salary history there for employers to reference and list any time you received a promotion or a raise. If you received an award or won a contest at a job you may list it by the job or in its own special section if you have won many contests or awards at work.

Don't forget to post your volunteer work separately. A list of places you have volunteered to walk dogs or help the elderly always looks great on a resume and helps to place confidence in you as a great individual.

Last, don't be afraid to use color effectively. Use a template from Word to block your resume into sections, and make a change from black ink for the day.