Clinical Trials

I was having a lot of issues during my mental illness, just trying to find any meaning in conversation, television, my websites, even eating. Life seemed pointless and empty and I was broke all the time. Its not hard to find clinical trials for psych drugs, and even though I wasn't sad, life was empty. I explained this to my clinical trial doctor, and a new drug for anhedonia is being researched on with me. I don't advise clinical trials for everyone but I wasn't able to hold down a job at the time and was diabetic and needed insulin and psych meds, so the best solution to stay funded was the reliable income of clinical trials. 

an·he·do·ni·a/ˌanhēˈdōnēə/     Learn to pronounce    noun Psychiatrynoun: anhedonia

  1. inability to feel pleasure.

The drug has been tested on other people and animals before, and was beneficial in social instincts and reducing negative symptoms in people with schizophrenia, but there is more to be found out.

Added benefits of being in a clinical trial: the procurement of a fit-bit.

Also the benefit of not having to pay for the newest and best drugs coming out on the market for the mental illnesses you have before they are available, or when treatment is not available to you, or transportation, or the right kind of medical care is not available to you, for example for migraines, or untreatable depression, clinical trials often are the answer and very lucrative to participate in.