Foreclosing on Tax Liens

I'm posing this here, although its a little like gambling and I dare say I might not try it myself, but if there's no chance of trying any other way to gain property, you may get a lucky piece of land to put a trailer on and live happily on ever-after. Or a condo, or even a house. 

The way to get tax liens is usually on eBay. They come from people who did not pay their taxes, and are usually about $200 plus the tax responsibility the person had whom did not pay their taxes. You search for tax liens: and get your search results, and find them in every state (not just the books on them!)

You then purchase them, follow the directions and when they mature you claim the property. It may require a lawyer in some cases. 

Sometimes for about $300 people can get a fine piece of land in a good area, sometimes the neighborhood is unpopulated and not really a good value. It really depends. You have to be smart about it. But that is the world of tax liens. It makes getting land possible for the very poor.